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Before you sign a commercial property lease, it’s important to understand what type of lease you’re signing, where your money will be going each month, and what’s included or not included in your rental rate.

Depending on the type of lease, the rental number you see may or may not include Operating Expense Pass Throughs (OPEX) and Common Area Maintenance (CAM) expenses. Calculating, estimating, and itemizing these two terms gives even the most veteran real estate brokers and advisors a headache. (more…)

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The right office space and layout for your business are key to maximizing productivity and minimizing employee turnover and stress. But what type of office plan is best?

When Google converted their headquarters to an open office plan in 2005, they started a trend that’s still alive and growing today. If Google has an open office plan, then clearly, it’s a successful strategy, right? Not to mention, open office plans can save businesses a lot of money by reducing square footage needs. (more…)

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With all the materials we’re learning to recycle and reuse, why not buildings? Adaptive reuse has become a more and more popular way to preserve cultural memories while still enabling technological and business advancement. The accelerated growth of large tech and social media companies has increased the demand for large and “Creative Office Spaces”, which are large blocks of space with open areas where office communities may collaborate. (more…)

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No one should ever rent office space or commercial real estate without the help of a tenant advocate. But how do you know how to choose the right one? We list the Top 5 reasons businesses owners choose us for the job:

1. New businesses need an office space mentor

Starting a business is hard enough to do without worrying about finding office space and lease negotiations. Navigating lease negotiations alone can end in disastrous results.

“When we decided to open our own law firm in 2011, my first call was to Mazirow Commercial. Mazirow Commercial provided critical information regarding physical office and lease agreement issues that never would have occurred to us,” said Karen Gabler of Light Gabler.

2. Mazirow Commercial has the right experience

Mazirow Commercial is the tenant advocate in the Greater Los Angeles area. We know how to find clients the right space, and at the right price. With more than 30 years of tenant representation and lease review experience, we know how to provide protection for tenants and save them money on lease terms.

3. Good tenant advisors won’t let you settle

As experts in commercial real estate, Mazirow Commercial is respected in the industry and negotiates office space rentals with finesse and determination. Mazirow Commercial helped Dena R. Taub, a partner at Taub and Taub PC, secure her dream office space that has a view of the San Fernando Valley.

“I was lucky enough to secure this office and the spacious suite it sits within due to the tenacity of Sheryl Mazirow,” she says. “She knows the market, she knows the players, and most importantly, she knows the local landlords.”

4. Businesses love to find hidden savings

Most of Mazirow Commercial’s clients become long-term customers, whether it’s for a real estate purchase or commercial space rental negotiation. Much of our repeat business has to do with the fact that our tenant advisors know the ins and outs of a commercial lease and how to comb through the fine print, securing you extra savings.

Renata Stone, the CEO of Dougherty Laser Vision, appreciated the five-star customer service she experienced when Mazirow represented her company. “Sheryl went through my lease, found several key aspects that could have been negotiated more effectively, and gave me an outstanding analysis of my lease … Negotiating on my own would have yielded a higher risk lease with much less favorable terms.”

5. We get to know YOUR business, too

There are others who do what we do, but our clients appreciate our superior customer service. We understand that no two businesses have the same style, so we take the time to understand exactly what you need.

These are just five reasons why our clients choose us, but there are many more. Throughout her 30 years in the tenant advisory business, Sheryl Mazirow has been recognized as a leader in the field. She has been named one of The 200 Most Influential Leaders in the San Fernando Valley, Business Owner of the Year, and one of The Best Business Women of the Decade. With the addition of Jeff Baum and Winton Berci to the team in 2006 and 2016 respectively, Mazirow Commercial is an invaluable resource for tenants and buyers in the Los Angeles area.

Want to feel assurance about your office space or commercial real estate lease negotiations? Every day of the year, Mazirow Commercial negotiates leases to protect and save tenants rent dollars on many lease terms. Don’t go to the table alone, contact us today. We are the tenant advocate for the Greater Los Angeles Area, San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Ventura County, Santa Monica, Glendale, and more.

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Prior to the transfer of ownership of an office building, tenants will be presented with an Estoppel Agreement for signature by their landlord. There is often a limited time frame to return the signed Estoppel Agreement and pressure to do so from the landlord. However, tenants will be wise to study the Estoppel Agreement in detail, confirming its accuracy instead of blindly signing the paperwork submitted.

What is a Tenant Estoppel certificate and why is it so important? (more…)

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Mazirow Commercial is proud to announce the launch of our new website to showcase our tenant representation and advisory real estate services. Serving areas throughout Los Angeles and Southern California, we wanted to create a greater experience for our clients when they visit our website. Get ready to view our new real estate; Mazirow Commercial takes you on a tour of our site! (more…)

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One of the most effective ways Mazirow Commercial can demonstrate the amount of money we save our clients on their commercial leases every year is by sharing our success stories. Believe it or not, a few cents can make thousands of dollars in difference in a commercial lease. One of our clients has been in the same building for more than 10 years. In reviewing their case, tenants can see just how much they can save by utilizing the no-cost services of a tenant advisor like Mazirow Commercial. (more…)

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Landlords lease office space 365 days a year, widening their potential for profit and negotiating to their advantage. When leasing commercial office space, there are several things to consider that tenants may not be aware of before they sign on the dotted line. How can businesses save rent dollars on their commercial office lease? Mazirow Commercial reveals what you can do to save money and the services you can utilize at no cost to secure the best deal. (more…)