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Are you taking advantage of the market?? Don’t miss it.

Forward thinking occupiers of office space are looking to take advantage of the reduced pricing and heighten concessions that currently…

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Operating Expense Pass Throughs – That Time Of Year Again!

It’s the time of the year again when Tenants receive their Reconciliation for the past year and Estimate Statements for…

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Want to Avoid Paying 300% More in Office Rent? Understanding a Holdover Penalty in Your Lease

The Holdover clause addresses what occurs if a Tenant remains in the premises after the expiration date of a lease. The Holdover provision provides,…

Office Rents are Down 15% Since March.

Office Rents are Down 15% Since March. Take Advantage of Pandemic Pricing with Your Office Lease!

Do you have less than 2 years on your office lease? If so, you should take advantage of COVID pricing…

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Is COVID Increasing Your Operating Expenses? Discover 4 Actions You Can Take to Protect Your Interests

With increasing measures to contain and mitigate the COVID-19 outbreak, Tenants are taking a hit regarding operating expenses.  Has your…

Mazirow featured in "The Valley 200", the most influential leaders in the San Fernando valley area.

Sheryl Mazirow Named to Valley 200 as one of the Most Influential Business and Community Leaders in the San Fernando Valley Area

Sheryl Mazirow, Founder and President of Mazirow Commercial, Inc., has been recognized by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal as…

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The Reality of Office Leasing and COVID Today

COVID has ushered in a new world within a mere six months. What is the reality of office space in…



LEASE RESTRUCTURING AND EXTENSION The talk about Landlords abating rent, discounting rent, deferring rent, rent forgiveness and Tenants not paying…

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Tenant Improvement Work and Shell Condition

The Landlord has provided a Tenant Improvement Allowance for your new office space. What is the condition of the premises…

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