Office Lease Renewals

Office Lease Renewal Tenant Representation

An option to renew a lease is your safety net as a commercial tenant. Without one built into your office lease agreement, you can be forced out at the end of your lease, resulting in costly and potentially damaging disruptions to your business.

Our expert tenant reps make sure this vital protection is built into everycommercial lease we negotiate.

How We Can Help

Our team provides:

Market Insights

It’s crucial to understand the commercial real estate market. We counsel you on the commercial lease renewal process and important terms and concepts, so you’re empowered with the information you need to negotiate and secure a fair deal. We can also help you research alternative options. Even if you’re happy in your current space, there might be a better solution for your business. Especially if market conditions have changed since you first moved into your current building.

Better Lease Terms

You’re at the mercy of your landlord come lease renewal time. You need a trusted advisor to negotiate fair terms and minimize costs—because the cost of office space directly affects your business’s profitability.


We help level the playing field by negotiating a competitive lease renewal package on your behalf.

Call us as soon as possible in advance of your commercial lease renewal. The goal is to have plenty of time to discuss your options and develop a plan that includes potential contingencies your business may require. Front-end planning is like an insurance policy—it can save you untold costs and frustrations in the future.

The expert tenant reps at Mazirow Commercial are skilled at commercial lease renewal negotiation. We can help you protect your business today and tomorrow—at no additional cost to you. Since the landlord or seller pays broker commissions, the cost for our services is built into the rental rate.

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