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Why Smart Business Owners Choose Mazirow Commercial

To get the right space and lease for your business, you need an expert on your side. Don’t go to the negotiating tables with landlords alone. Partner with Mazirow Commercial to navigate the commercial real estate market and get the space your business needs with the price and terms you deserve.

Mazirow Commercial has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours negotiate leases for nearly 20 years. We know your company needs the perfect space to grow and thrive—and you want to save money while getting the best conditions possible.

Here are just a few more reasons our clients choose to work with us:

  • Expert & Experienced Local Knowledge: Our advisors help you make sense of industry terminology and concepts, so you’re empowered throughout the leasing process. We’re also seasoned players in the field of commercial real estate, which means we’ll keep your process moving smoothly and efficiently.
  • No-Cost Service: Using a tenant rep won’t make your deal more expensive or impact your bottom line. That’s because you pay nothing for our tenant advisory services—the landlord covers the cost. You get expert help in securing commercial real estate at no additional cost.
  • Insider Access: Our advisors have access to information about highly desirable office spaces for lease and sale that may never be advertised. Our team has their finger on the pulse when it comes to anticipated vacancies and can help you discover properties you might never otherwise see.
  • Information Advantage: We know tenants and landlords, as well as the landscape of commercial real estate. We know exactly how your landlord operates and can help you determine the best route to benefit you and your business.
  • Smart Counsel: Mistakes are common, which makes working with an experienced firm that can spot mistakes before they happen. A small mistake can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more during your lease. Our experienced team spots mistakes before they happen so you don’t get overcharged or fined.
  • Skilled Negotiators: Office space in Southern California is some of the most expensive commercial real estate in the country. You need a skilled negotiator working on your behalf to get you the best price and lease terms. We work for you—not the landlord. We’ll tell you what’s fair, what’s overpriced, and what’s a steal, and we’ll negotiate on your behalf.

Ways our Clients Have Saved Thousands of Dollars

Our clients rely on Mazirow Commercial to help them address a number of issues, including:

  • Parking. We help you figure out the best options for your business and your brand. In fact, we recently saved one client $80,000 in parking costs over a lease term by noting that 100% of the employee population did not require parking all the time.
  • Tenant Improvement Conversions. Our team assists you in maximizing funds allotted for tenant improvements, checking and balancing landlords’ recommendations. For unused Tenant Improvement allowance dollars, we negotiated the right for a Tenant to “convert” $375,000 of the Tenant Improvement allowance for other payables the Tenant was obligated to pay.
  • Rental Rate Savings. We evaluate all your options and negotiate the terms that work best for your commercial venture. We saved one client $75,000 over a 5-year lease term by successfully negotiating a reduced Base Rental Rate by $0.25 per square foot.
  • Construction Management Fees. Mazirow Commercial has a cost-effective construction management service to ensure you maximize your tenant improvement dollars. We saved a client $32,000 in Construction Management cost by negotiating the Tenant benefit of a lower Landlord construction management fee.
  • HVAC After-Hours Cost. We calculate your operating costs and predictions early on so we’re fully prepared for negotiations. We recently saved a client $50,000 per year in after-hours HVAC costs.
  • Personal Guarantee. Underwriting of a lease is a key metric in a lease. We recently negotiated a limited Personal Guarantee for underwriting of less than 7% of the total consideration of the lease term that extinguished in the third year of the lease term.


I highly recommend working with Sheryl for any tenant-related commercial real estate needs. From my first interaction with her, she was exceptionally impressive. She went through my lease, found several key aspects that could have been negotiated more effectively, and gave me an outstanding analysis of my lease. I cannot stress how important it is to have a lease reviewed by someone like Sheryl. Negotiating on my own would have yielded a higher risk lease with much less favorable terms. Her communication the entire step of the way was no less than five-star customer service.

-Renata Stone, MBA
CEO, Dougherty Laser Vision

I would like to highly recommend Sheryl Mazirow and her Lease Administration and Management Services to any tenant who finds themselves overwhelmed with a huge, expensive lease document that needs expertise to ensure you are not overpaying your Landlord for rent, OPEX, CAM, parking, etc. After a long-protracted lease negotiation with a corporate Landlord that Sheryl guided us through, she offered her services to administer our Lease and within 2 months of retaining Sheryl, we have already saved thousands of dollars and more than made up for the monthly fee her service costs.

I now have peace of mind that we are paying out and receiving all the services we negotiated for in the lease. 5 Star Rating!!!

-Kim Fernstrom
Griffin Lotz & Holzman

I wanted to reach out and let you know how much we appreciate all of your efforts and intensity with our lease negotiations and move. As you know, moving a business isn’t for the timid. Your assistance and patience in the process: visiting prospective sites, entering into contentious negotiations, patiently waiting for the opportunity to strike, and your resourceful nature enabled us to negotiate and move to new headquarters, which are spectacular. Many brokers are on our doorstep each week – seeking out the business that you earned and worked hard to achieve an amazing outcome. We highly recommend your services and are pleased to be affiliated with your company.

- Martin Levy, Agency Principal

Sheryl has represented me in relocation and lease negotiations many times over the years. I have always been impressed by her professionalism, knowledge of the area, and determination to serve our best interests through countless rounds of negotiations. Sheryl is a consummate professional, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly to anyone in need of a tenant representative.

-Mark S. Varshawsky, CPA
Mark S. Varshawsky & Associates

Really Great Employee Benefits has leased three offices in our 20+ years of existence. We used Mazirow Commercial for our second and current office space. The first office lease was a nightmare. I wish I would have met Sheryl 6 years earlier. I would never, ever lease office space without Mazirow Commercial on my team. Their tagline says it all. You need an expert on your side to balance things out. 25¢ can cost you thousands over a lease. I recommend Mazirow to everyone I speak with looking for office space.

-Barry S. Cohn
President and CEO, Really Great Employee Benefits

With my new office location, my attitude has definitely improved while driving into work each day. Every day it rains, I am so happy to be able to park just next door to my office. I no longer have to be a gymnast to get my umbrella open and closed without tracking water into the car, and I look forward to the warm-up in the summer knowing that my car’s interior will stay shaded and cool! When a friend mentioned their practice was soon going to be renegotiating their current lease, I instantly told him I had the right person to help him—I should have known he was already a client of Sheryl’s! She certainly has a reach and reputation to be envied.

- Thomas N. Tone
Tone, Walling & Meador, LLP | Tone, Walling & Kissinger, CPA’s

Another success: our 4th lease with Sheryl Mazirow. Mazirow Commercial commands respect as tough negotiators who know the 101 corridor from LA to Ventura like the backs of their hands. They are amazing at finding that perfect fit for all stages of my companies, from entrepreneurial to a growing success.

- Ron Laughton, CEO

When we decided to open our own law firm in 2011, my first call was to Mazirow Commercial. Shery Mazirow and Jeff Baum were instrumental in locating and negotiating a lease for our initial location, and within 30 days of my call, we moved into a beautiful new office with outstanding lease terms. Jeff gave us critical information about physical office and lease agreement issues that never would have occurred to us, but which significantly increased our physical comfort as well as our financial security. I simply wouldn’t consider opening, moving, or renegotiating office space without the help of Mazirow Commercial.

- Karen L. Gabler
Light Gabler

Jeff Baum and Mazirow not only helped us find the perfect home for our company, they negotiated a very good lease. This was not an easy feat since we were a new business with no credit history. And even after the lease was signed, Jeff has been a valuable resource for us when questions arose during the TI build-out and beyond. Mazirow lets us focus on what we do, and leaves what we don’t know, corporate real estate and lease negotiation, in excellent hands. I couldn’t recommend them more.

- Jeff Marks, Creative Producer

Mazirow Commercial Inc. is fantastic at what they do. I have worked with Jeff Baum for 8 years, and he is top-notch. He assisted with the lease agreement for my prior and current offices, providing guidance and support throughout the entire process. He made sure I was getting the best deals possible and made sure the agreements were written properly and in my best interest. I highly recommend Mazirow Commercial Inc. for tenant representation and advisory real estate services.

-Maya Shulman ESQ.
Shulman Family Law Group

We have appreciated your assistance and guidance over the years in connection with our finding and securing a home for Soltman, Levitt, Flaherty & Wattles (SLFW). Your interest in making sure to look for properties having appropriate professional feel and appearance, as well as to our concerns about office space and layout served us well. Moreover, we thank you for your assistance with review and negotiation of proposals, revisions and strategies in arriving at the best possible deal and situation, practically and financially, for the firm. Your personal contact, follow-up, and investment of time and energy have made working with you rewarding both professionally and personally.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and Mazirow Commercial with regard to our business needs going forward.

-Steve Soltman, John Levitt and Kevin Wattles
Soltman, Levitt, Flaherty & Wattles LLP

Sheryl Mazirow has done an incredible job on two leases for my business. The last 10 years have been at incredible rates and leases and it’s all due to Sheryl and her team.

- Robert Borsky, Certified Family Law Specialist
Law Offices of Robert Borsky

Thank you for everything you have done to help us. You have been incredible to work with.
Thank you so much for your patience, professionalism, and expert guidance.

- Bernard May
CEO, National Positions

Thanks, Sheryl! You are a Rockstar!

- Richard Singer
President, SB Capital Management, Inc.

I was introduced to Sheryl through a mutual friend and i was intrigued by the prospect that I could do better in leasing terms with the help of a professional. I contacted Sheryl, who was prompt in her response, gave me detailed responses, and provided the information I needed, including things I should have been considering, but had not considered. I retained Sheryl and we quickly negotiated a renewal to my current lease that exceeded anything I was able to get the in past. Sheryl will be my go-to for commercial leasing, as well as a referral source for those I know in similar circumstances.

- David Schneider
Owner, Law Offices of David R. Schneider, APC


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