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How Do You Get Your Security Deposit Back?

Some landlords are notorious for keeping a portion of office security deposits to cover the costs of repairs and outstanding…

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2018 Commercial Real Estate Trends

Commercial real estate trends have revealed a new live-work-play lifestyle that is taking precedence in the Greater Los Angeles Area…

Mazirow - Lease Renewals - What Is Fair Market Value?

Lease Renewals: What is Fair Market Value?

As a business owner, you are not expected to know competitive rents, concessions, or what the fine print entails in…

Mazirow - How is Commercial Office Space Measured

How is Commercial Office Space Measured?

Do you know if you are overpaying for your lease based on the space in your commercial building? Most tenants…

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Don’t Call The Guy On The Sign!

Imagine being sued for a business issue, who are you going to call to settle the claim, the plaintiff’s attorney?…

Mazirow - How to get back your office security deposit back

How To Get Your Office Security Deposit Back

Customarily, commercial leases will detail how the tenant is supposed to prep the premises upon vacating as well as how…

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Enjoy the Tenant Appreciation event? You, the Tenant, Paid For It!

While you, the Tenant, may be excited that your Landlord has thrown a shindig just for you and your commercial…

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The Startup’s Guide To Leasing Commercial Space

As an up-and-coming entrepreneur, you probably have your hands full. There are seemingly infinite hurdles in the first few years…


Welcome to the brave, new world of office space

While it sounds like this could “only happen in Los Angeles,” the trend of creative office space has spread throughout…


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