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Navigating Operating Costs and Common Area Maintenance Fees in a Commercial Office Lease

Before you sign a commercial property lease, it’s important to understand what type of lease you’re signing, where your money…

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Turning Away From Open Office Plans

The right office space and layout for your business are key to maximizing productivity and minimizing employee turnover and stress.…

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Breaking Ground: Recycling Buildings for Adaptive Reuse

With all the materials we’re learning to recycle and reuse, why not buildings? Adaptive reuse has become a more and…


A Win For The San Fernando Valley Bar Association

To start the new year with a bang, The San Fernando Valley Bar Association (SFVBA) relocated its main office to…

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5 Reasons Why Mazirow Commercial is the Right Tenant Advisor

No one should ever rent office space or commercial real estate without the help of a tenant advocate. But how…

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What Are Tenant Estoppels and Why Should Tenants Be Concerned?

Prior to the transfer of ownership of an office building, tenants will be presented with an Estoppel Agreement for signature…

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A Commercial Lease Case Study

One of the most effective ways Mazirow Commercial can demonstrate the amount of money we save our clients on their…

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How to Save Rent Dollars on Commercial Leases

Landlords lease office space 365 days a year, widening their potential for profit and negotiating to their advantage. When leasing…

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Unlocking the Mystery Between Usable vs. Rentable Square Feet

The difference between the usable square footage and rentable square footage can be a determining factor in selecting the most…


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