The Zen of Office Moving: How to Smoothly Relocate Your Business

Just like moving from one living space to another, moving your office or relocating your business can be just as chaotic (if not more!).

The first and best thing you can do to save yourself from a major stress-induced meltdown, is to partner with a tenant representative to help with the monumental move. 

Or team at Mazirow Commercial, Inc. has over 30 years of experience with the many aspects of strategic business relocation and design including:

– Prospective company growth
– Employee-based needs
– Client-based needs
– Ideal environment
– Preferred location

Having a tenant representative on-board during this time of transition will help you focus on your exciting business expansion plans, rather than spending a horrendous amount of time restlessly researching how and where to move.

We offer invaluable knowledge and expertise in the Southern California commercial real estate market, so that precious time will be saved not squandered. You’ll be able to make a more informed, confident decision on the best available moving options within the Greater Los Angeles area, Ventura County, and beyond with the help of our relocation services at Mazirow Commercial, Inc..

The second step to making your office move smooth, is to choose a trusted point person on your team. Or, coordinate a team leaders of in each department if you operate a medium to large company.

The ideal kind of leader(s) must serve as the calm center in the middle of a office moving storm. They must be authoritative enough to call major shots, yet work cooperatively and smoothly between all parties including other department coordinators, the hired moving service, all while maintaining clear communication with you, and your tenant representative.

We’ve narrowed down the most crucial characteristics your coordinator(s) MUST have to execute a successful move:

  • Organized, trustworthy and decisive. These three combined traits will allow things to get done in a timely, effective manner without wasted energy overthinking.
  • Flexible with schedule. Coordinating a move is extremely demanding, and may require  working overtime, evenings, on the weekend, or even during holidays.
  • Open to suggestions and or direction. Although you want your moving coordinator(s) to take charge, you also want to them to be willing utilize helpful suggestions and insightful instruction. This may be the first time you, and your moving team has relocated, but  an experienced tenant representative assists with moving businesses all year-round, and are a rich resource in times when your coordinator may feel lost or overwhelmed.

Your company’s success at every stage of your move is truly important to us at Mazirow Commercial, Inc. Please contact us to learn more information about our commercial real estate relocation services, tenant representation, or commercial leasing services.

You can always call us directly at  (805) 449-1945. We’re also more than happy to answer your immediate office moving inquires via email at or

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