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$.25 Could Save You Thousands!

The profitability of your business is directly impacted by the cost of leasing office space - your occupancy cost. A $.25 difference in rent on a 5,000 square foot office lease over a five (5) year lease term is $75,000.00 off the bottom line. Wouldn’t you rather keep that money?

365 days a year Landlords negotiate leases how often do you?
Most likely every five years.

To achieve the most aggressive lease or purchase transaction, you need to sit at an even negotiating table with Landlords. The leasing of office space is the Landlords business. The Landlord is fully informed as to the terms of the market place, are you? You would never go into court permitting the opposing party to represent your interest, or into an audit without your accountant, why would you go to the real estate negotiating table alone?

What you don’t know can and will cost you.

There are many hidden items in a lease that cost tenants money over the lease term. These hidden costs need to be addressed when negotiating a lease, not just the rental rate alone. We bring 30 years of a proven track record in only representing tenants who lease office space or owners who purchase facilities to house their business. We are the tenant advocate.

Many hidden items in a lease that cost tenants money over a lease term, such as the pass-through of operating expenses - the cost for operating the building. . . Read More

We are the best deal in town!

Our services are paid by the Landlord - it is just a matter if the Landlords leasing broker or in-house management are retaining the entire fee, (the commission) or splitting the fee with the Tenants broker. The fee is paid regardless if you are represented or not, there is no cost savings to a tenant by not having your advocate protecting your interest.

Don’t go to the table alone!

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