Tenant Representation for
Lease Renewals/Exercise of Options

Option to renew: the commercial tenant's safety net
Without an option to renew built into your office lease contract, you can be forced out at the end of your lease, resulting in costly--and possibly serious--disruptions to your business.  We make sure this important protection is built into every commercial lease we negotiate.

If the time is approaching for you to renegotiate a commercial property lease in the Southern California/Los Angeles area, we can secure the best possible terms for you, including an option to renew in the future and favorable terms for subleasing if the need should arise. 

Call us as soon as possible, so there's plenty of time to discuss your situation and plan your lease to include any possible contingencies your business (and its growth) may require.  This kind of front-end planning is an insurance policy that can save you untold cost and frustration in the long run. 

Protect your business today--and for tomorrow--with professional representation from Mazirow Commercial.  Remember that there's no additional cost to you, since broker commissions are paid by the landlord/seller, and already built into the rental rate.

Commercial tenant with option to renew?
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