Tenant Representation for
Office Leases

To achieve the most aggressive lease transaction, it's important to plan ahead.  Ideally, you should call us 18-24 months in advance of your need for office space leasing so there's no panic which can lead to decision errors.  Together we'll design a space-need strategy to meet your growth plans, work-force base, client base, desired environment and preferable location.  Then Mazirow Commercial will search for office space that meets your needs, including unusual marketplace leasing opportunities that you can seize.

When we have identified targeted opportunities, Mazirow Commercial will negotiate the lease on your behalf, including such important factors as favorable conditions for lease renewals and accommodations for possible subleasing or expansion, as your circumstances dictate.

We will also protect you from these common office lease 'gotchas':

When it’s time for you to exercise your lease-renewal option, we'll make sure that fair market value is really fair market value – and not the landlord’s assessment of fair market value.

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