Tenant Representation for
Office Space Expansions  

Want to expand at your current location?  Mazirow Commercial can help negotiate the best terms on a lease for available space in your current location.  Our expertise puts you on an equal footing with your landlord by making sure important, favorable provisions are part of your lease and by saving you from typical office lease 'gotchas'.

Front-end planning is the key to avoiding costly obstacles as your business grows.  Mazirow Commercial can help you make a plan to cover your future office space needs by assessing your current growth, future plans, client base and market outlook.  Your future office space needs can be covered by working these factors into the lease you negotiate now, including the very important 'first right of refusal' for office space in your building that may become available when you need it. 

Or if you anticipate the need to move to larger quarters in the future, we can start looking for suitable space for you well ahead of the time when you'll outgrow your current location, avoiding the last-minute panic which leads to decision errors and costly holdover penalties, which can range from 150% to 300% of your last month's rent.  We have 30 years' experience in Los Angeles/Southern California commercial real estate that we'd be glad to put to work for you.

Don't let your business growth be hampered by unfavorable lease conditions or lack of planning.  By taking advantage of our in-depth experience and expertise, you'll be able to relax knowing that your office space needs will be taken care of in the future.  Equally as important, you'll be able to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

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