Lease Administration

Lease Administration and Management Services

Our Services:

  • CREATION of Lease abstract of the entire lease transaction to avoid loss of the Tenants’ rights and UNEXPECTED costly events
  • IDENTIFY and track key rights NEGOTIATED, AGREED TO AND achieved pursuant to the lease
  • FORWARD LOOKING Management of critical dates
  • DETAILED Operating Expense (OPEX) analysis of Base Year Expenses
  • PERFORM Annual review of OPEX reconciliation
  • CONDUCT Annual review of OPEX estimates
  • SUPERVISE Annual review of Base Rent Increase
  • MANAGE Annual review of Parking Increase, if applicable
  • CONFIRM Annual review of Parking allotment
  • PROVIDE Annual Budgeting of anticipated OPEX and Base Rent increase, provided to you for internal cash flow /cost analysis budgeting
  • WHEN ASKED, Review of Estoppel Certificates other documents requested by the Landlord
  • AUDIT Lease to identify and reverse charges that are not in compliance with the lease
  • REVIEW Monthly rent invoice to insure no overbilling by the Landlord
  • PROACTIVE Tracking of documents to insure at all times you are in possession of all Lease documents
  • REGULARLY Tracking of Security Deposit to insure proper recording in your books at all times
  • CALENDARED Quarterly Status Reporting to you
  • WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE, We become your real estate department bringing 30 years plus of expertise to the table to the Tenant’s benefit

    There is slow and small, but steady stream of errors that Landlord’s make when administering a lease, that add up to significant occupancy dollars over a lease term.

    Tenants are unaware of their Rights that are negated by the Landlord’s management team.

    Over and over again we see Estopple Certificates that are incorrect, that negate a Tenants hard won rights.

    Our Lease Administration and Management Services will save you dollars, reduce risk and protect rights achieved pursuant to the lease we negotiated.

    For our clients we have developed and provide the most competitive pricing package in line with providing Gold plated service:

    • One Time set up fee:


    • Monthly Management Services:


    • Quarterly Reporting:

      $150.00 (per a quarter)

Payment for our Lease Administration and Management Services is billed via an automatic monthly credit card payment.