Are you taking advantage of the market?? Don’t miss it.

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Forward thinking occupiers of office space are looking to take advantage of the reduced pricing and heighten concessions that currently exist in the market. The increased vacancy over the last 18 months is the silver lining for Tenants. With the continued upswing in the economy, dynamic housing market, outstanding performance of the stock market, and…

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Operating Expense Pass Throughs – That Time Of Year Again!

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It’s the time of the year again when Tenants receive their Reconciliation for the past year and Estimate Statements for the current year for the operational costs for their office building from their Landlords. Office leases are generally structured as a Full-Service Gross (FSG) lease or a Modified Gross lease (MG) that allow for Landlords to “pass-through” the increase in costs…

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The Reality of Office Leasing and COVID Today


COVID has ushered in a new world within a mere six months. What is the reality of office space in this new era? Let’s look at some Tenant benefits and disadvantages. Tenants Can Expect Deferred Rent Deferred Rent now have an outline of repayment to their Landlords. The reimbursement plans are payments of the deferred…

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LEASE RESTRUCTURING AND EXTENSION The talk about Landlords abating rent, discounting rent, deferring rent, rent forgiveness and Tenants not paying rent is not as simple as the media presents. Landlords are requiring detailed financial data, information if the CARES Act and other available resources have been exhausted, tax returns and a narrative of why and…

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Tenant Improvement Work and Shell Condition

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The Landlord has provided a Tenant Improvement Allowance for your new office space. What is the condition of the premises when the Landlord delivers the new office space? Is electrical and Heating, Air Condition and Venting (HVAC) been brought to the premises? Is there a finished ceiling? When are the TI dollars the Landlord has…

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