Los Angeles/Southern California Commercial Real Estate
Acquisitions & Dispositions

Looking to buy or sell office space in Southern California?  Mazirow Commercial can help.  Our 30 years of in-depth experience in the commercial real estate market have all been right here in the Southland.  Commercial real estate is all we do.

Interested in buying?
Mazirow Commercial can help you decide whether buying or leasing will be more profitable for you.  What is the occupancy cost to own vs. lease?  We provide the answers.  We'll analyze your office space needs as your business looks ahead to the future, taking into account such factors as your growth plans, work-force base, client base, desired environment and preferable location.  With these needs clearly in mind, we can help you select the location that will best suit your business, and then negotiate the best purchase price. 

Thinking of selling?
We can help you here, too.  If you're looking for expert representation and responsive service, give us a call and let us explain how we can help you.

Find out how we can help protect your interests, and save you money?
Contact Us.  We'd be glad to help.
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